Who we are 

The Company group is a specialized solution provider for professional wireless communications systems. It’s expertise and experience of the employees and it’s founder goes back for more than 25 years and enables the company today to supply highly innvovative systems for any kind of wireless applications for the marine and offshore industry in order to meet any kind of needs for turnkey Internet access or closed data network and voice solutions - from end to end - and to and from anywhere in the world . Besides special project and development work, the company is commercially mainly focussed today on wireless high speed data transmit and receive solutions for terrestrial line of sight and none line of sight links, Satellite Television receive systems (TVRO) , digital headend & distribution systems for data and entertainment networks, Inmarsat & Iridium Satellite Communication SatCom systems, and C- band , Ku- and Ka band VSAT broadband solutions. We provide network connections at sea or other remote areas at data rate speeds of up to 100Mbit/s and more.

 The guarantee to our clients is, that we will always endeavour to supply them with the most cost efficient solution to their requirement with prompt installation and continuing support for the products and services purchased from us for many years..



Your team of HANTEC and Hanika 

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