Hanika System Engineering designs, manufactures and supports technically advanced communications equipment and is also an established supplier of contract manufactured electronic equipment. Therefore, this division specialises in providing full-service assistance in all phases of product development and manufacturing: from design inception through product shipment, or any intermediate steps in between. We can develop ideas into a turn-key product, or offer complete engineering and consultancy services for satellite communication gateways, RF- and microwave applications for any kind of land mobile or maritime communication applications.

Manufacturing Services


-Mechanically Assembly

-Electrically Assembly

-Manufacturing Engineering

-PC board Assembly

-Component Sourcing

-Cable Assembly

-Quality Assurance

Engineering Services


-Consultancy and project management services

-Development and prototyping services

-High speed ka- and ku- band Airtime Services

-Radio Link Solutions on land and at sea

-Voice-/ telephony network design Services

-Data- / LAN- / WAN- data network solution

-Antenna arrangement & mast designs

Design Services


-Analogue Circuit design

-Digital Circuit design

-RF Design

-Software Design

-PCB Layouting

-Technical Writing

-Antenna designs & EMC tests

Support & other Services


-Indoor services & repairs (on board level)

-Spare parts & component sourcing

-Rental of tracking VSAT & TV systems (0.6m - 1.5m)

-Remote maintenance solutions

-Test setups for VSAT and Radio links

-PCB- repairs

-Training courses