Sea Tel is one of the best known maritime antenna manufacturers in the world with almost 40 years expertise and an outstanding reliability. These antennas show regularly a runtime of 10 years without worth mentioning problems and an extraordinary adjustability regarding RF configurations and upgrade kits.

Sea Tel TV Antenna Systems

Sea Tel 80 TV

Sea Tel ST24 TV

Sea Tel 100 TV

Sea Tel 100 TVHD

Sea Tel 120 TV

Sea Tel 120 TVHD

Sea Tel ST 88 TV

Sea Tel ST 94 TV

Sea Tel ST 144 TV

Sea Tel VSAT Antenna Systems

The USAT 30 KA VSAT is the latest innovation of Sea Tel ready to be operated in the cost efficient high performance Prometheus KA Network for very attractive conditions below 600,00 € / month.

Sea Tel 4009 KU VSAT

Sea Tel 6012 KU VSAT

Sea Tel 9711 IMA Series